Water Based Fire Protection Systems

5 year title 19 certification/inspections, Quarterly & annual inspections/service
NFPA 25―Standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection 


Inspections and services on all major fire protection equipment brands. Including: Wet type fire

sprinkler systems, fire pumps, backflow devices, and special hazards systems.

Inspection forms…Riser stickers…Detailed reports identifying deficiencies and recommending 

corrective action.

Scheduling is at your convenience. To help avoid disruption we can perform the work after hours

or on weekends.


     Complete Fire Protection Systems and Sprinkler Testing



First and last quarter inspection free with Two year service agreement

                                   (On single riser system)

                               *Not valid with any other promotion*

                         Other service agreements available upon request


5 Year Title 19 Certification, Quarterly & Annual Inspections/Service

Call for free estimate 1-800-521-4448 or go to contact page to submit by email. 

​During our scheduled visit to your facility, AFS Inc. Technicians carry out a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system that often includes:

*Identifying site conditions or clearance problems that might compromise system performance
*Checking sprinkler heads and control valves for position, condition, accessibility and signage
*Conducting required water-flow tests
*Inspecting Fire Department connections
*Testing sprinkler alarm components
*Checking reserve supply of sprinkler heads
*Inspecting visible piping hangers, drain valves and gauges
*Testing air compressors, pre-action valves, pilot lines and solenoid strainers
*Testing low-pressure alarms, supervisory circuits and auxiliary functions
*Inquiring about system modifications, obstructions or changes in storage
*Tagging devices and performing required record-keeping
*Providing a detailed Inspection report explaining deficiencies and recommending corrective action.